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Name: haggf
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1. Twistower part 2 prelimenary test

By: haggf | 24-Jul-2011 | 0:00 | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

A small scale preliminary test with the Twistower was fulfilled on July 2011. Two types of Twistowers with a 0.3 m diameter were tested, one of 0.9 m and one of 2 m high. Although a very simple quick reference test sample and test rig were used the sample operated well and proves that the concept is robust and promising.

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2. Hurricane Killer

By: haggf | 4-Nov-2009 | 0:00 | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

The Hurricane Killer is an array of small, controllable hurricanes that “eat the food” of possible large natural hurricanes, which will not occur due to lack of “food”.

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3. Twistower

By: haggf | 22-Sep-2009 | 0:00 | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

The Twistower is an ultra light floating and rotating tower which can be applied by a solar updraft tower. In principle the tower is a stable twister bound by a rotating thin walled hollow cylinder.

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4. Femtholon, a new fundamental particle model

By: haggf | 10-Feb-2009 | 21:56 | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

A femtholon represents mass and is a hole in the substance that carries light. At severe collisions light can create femtholons and can orbit around them. The femtholon is a stable particle if the light wave can form a stable standing light wave, from which the forces are in equilibrium with the forces to maintain the hole.

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5. Solar pond tower for 5 €ct/kWh

By: haggf | 8-Dec-2008 | 0:00 | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

A Solar Pond Tower is a combination of a Solar Tower, a Solar Pond and a Hurricane Tower, taking the advantages of all of them. The largest advantage comes from the application of the cheap heat generating Solar Pond, which is far cheaper than the large solar heat collecting green house of the Solar Tower. It is estimated that the Solar Pond Tower can produce power at a cost of 3-5 €ct/kWh.

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