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GreenIdeaLive.org  is a non profit public open source blog that enables engineers, inventors and other professionals to publish, find and discuss ideas and inventions online for free. GreenIdeaLive is an Innovy initiative.

Publish ideas and inventions for free

Community members can post or publish ideas and inventions into the GreenIdeaLive front pages, data base and monthly mailings. Community members also get a free personal blog space (yourname.greenidealive.org) enabling them to market their ideas and inventions online.

Community competition

To create competition between inventors we have also implemented an idea voting system for the use by the public and community, creating top idea and top inventors rating pages. Monthly new and top ideas / inventions are mailed to registered members by email.

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GreenIdeaLive.org is an Innovy initiative.   Innovy - Energy innovations