Few industrial designs for production of ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, cake, cookie & biscuit

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This idea is about of use from the volumetric designs of Puzzles and parquets & bricks & Chevrons and labyrinths & mazes & glassy - wood knot (used in wood knot windows) in production of the various kinds of ice creams and factory one or double sided bread ice cream (sandwich of ice cream sandwiches') and also it can be used in the production of ready one or double sided bread which is used in ice cream shops in cities and it can also be served in the production of cakes, cookies, biscuits and the other factory foods which cook able.
As if according to images of mentioned designs, the taste and color of ice cream and cream used in cakes, cookies, biscuits which are has been spilled in each of the houses is Different with the taste and color of ice cream and cream used in cakes, cookies, Biscuits that is poured into an adjacent house(s). As if in the factory bread ice cream, there`s no need to put a layer of bread on ice cream, because the ice cream is thick, stiff and frozen. But in ice cream shops in cities, since they use from ice cream maker devices, their ice cream is not thick and frozen, so it requires putting a layer of bread on it. But putting a layer of bread on cakes, cookies and biscuits is inevitable.
The products of this industrial designs have uses in ice cream factories and the firms manufacturing cakes, cookies, biscuits, if produce the bread & also ice cream shops in cities, which the firms producing bread like bread of ice cream (sandwich of ice cream sandwiches') and the factories producing ice cream, cake, cookie & biscuit if produce the bread, can be the buyer of this industrial designs, but the ice cream shops in cities are the biggest and most important consumer of the production of this industrial designs. The more information and images and others files needed are provided as much as possible and they are attached.
The meaning of the one or double sided is the use of mentioned designs above in one sided (for instance on top) and in both up and down of ice cream`s bread.
As if along the sides rectangular of ice cream, cake, cookies,& biscuits, a Retaining wall made of bread should be drawn which its height is be equal to the Retaining walls height of the mentioned designs attached on top in order to enclose the used ice creams & creams inside the bread & they don’t pour out of it.


By: Ireland | 16-May-2016 | 10:59 pm

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