Innovative solution to salvage the person(s) at risk of death in the depths

By: keyvanaghvami | 7-Apr-2015 | 9:36 am | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

The idea is an innovative way to save the person(s) with limited weight inside of the shaft / canals / ditches / Steep hills and mountains & valleys, and others from the depths to the heights by 1 or by use by any more persons (depending on the physical capabilities of each one of them) that this idea could be use by person(s) of rescue teams of police & Red Crescent & red cross & other groups and institutions, foundations & rescue organizations at national, regional, and international events such as natural disasters & unexpected events occur, especially in cases placed of him. That is the Savior to knot A rope around his your waist and tie the other end of the rope to the person(s) (by them self) who have fallen into the well to them wrapped the rope around them body their nodes and savior against clockwise & or clockwise revolves around himself does so wrapped rope around his body, and thus the person(s) in the well to take up. However, due to the anticipated balance savior during the rescue operation is recommended that him knees to fold and him pelvis closer to the ground, but did not stoop, as it causes permanent damage to him backbone of the lumbar spine and himself rotation speed around the same time should not be change and save it to the final stage of the rescue. The savior should be 2 pages / sheet, wood / metal on the front and back of himself body to wrap the rope is not harming the body and organs, especially the elimination of her body. More information about the above is included. In this idea is better Of the Standard equipment's and modern to Use Did Instead boards / components / wood or metal used to shield made of polymer and metal That be Light And the Resistant (polymers and aluminum) One In the Forward And the other Rear body Savior That With the One Belt And the Hook of each other and the body Loin the Connected To Show that it can be opened and closed And the Loose And the Horny To become Is These 2 shields are impact-proof and bullet-proof and should be proof of the sound and thermal insulation and cooling and electrical, electromagnetic, and yet lightweight and durable according to the picture1 rope is to wrap in circling of x areas Complex But shields by 2 locking jaws are foldable and therefore connect That whole Pressures Of the Side Ropes On top of shields Login To Comes Not On Body Savior. To use from standards devices such as shields should be any rope (the top & end of that each connected to a hook) to of the shield (that have junction of a hook) is attached & at the 4 corners of each shields (before of decision on body savior) 4 Tube metal / composite / polymer-metal with spring strong adhered to, such as picture 2, 2 tubes to connect him from the front (in each of the 2 shields) and inside of themself that be magnets of 2 head of 2 tubes (@) makes the connection blocking out of them but top of 1 tube should be thinner from tube else so that they could be inside of other tube.

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