Horner's Theory of Thought and Time

By: horia2 | 12-Nov-2010 | 6:17 am | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

The thoughts of every person are not a physical or tangible thing. Everyones thoughts radiate outward in what could possibly be considered a “thought field.” Our thought fields can interact with each others’ and influence thoughts in other people. This phenomenon is known as collective conciousness and is supported by numerous well constructed experiments by universities. Time is linear with parallel universes created by our various decisions, but thought (because it does not physically exist) transcends time and space, radiating in every direction of the 4 dimensions (space/time).
Events that have already happened or will potentially happen can bleed into the present through thought and subconscious. Events that are happening in an alternate present can bleed into the actual present in the same way. The more significant the event the more likely it is to make an impact.
Thought fields travel not only forwards and sideways through time but also backwards. There are no such things as ghosts; however, if a dead person has a strong connection with a place people may think or feel that the person is still there.
If our thought fields also extend backwards, they may also be able to interact with past thought fields. This is may be proof that the deceased are still with us “in spirit.” "Love at first sight" is also explained by this theory, because by seeing someone that you will someday love, you create a connection between your current thought field and your future thought field.


By: VED | 23-Jun-2013 | 10:37 am

Some more elaboration you will get here http://goo.gl/8Brqv and on: http://goo.gl/eQcRk

By: brendan ruff | 16-Aug-2013 | 11:30 am

Hi, actually your idea is a corollary to a quite extensive conceptual frame work I have put together for the origin and physics of mind and thought. The concept has a logical argument as follows:
1) evolution is real, and can be stated as biology taking advantage of physics over time to evolve a better mechanism of survival by integrating a physical property with their organism.

So far so good.
2) if you assume time exists then forces must propagate through time equally in all directions, ie forwards sideways and backwards and any other direction, this of course being space-time. The reason that such forces must exist is that matter exists and is both cohesive and continuously located, so what holds it together in space-time ? Forces of course.

So ..

3) biology clearly must take advantage of forces propagating through space-time, and the must obvious effect is called recursive filtering, ie a signal effects itself in a loop (eg mic + amp + speaker creates weird chaotic noises that only exist as information in the dynamic feedback loop).

My belief is that simple survival feedback loops through time have become more sophisticated and create what we call the mind, or consciousness.

What is needed now is to look for how and where the physics is integrated.

By the way I devised an experiment which I tried out 6 years and never repeated for fear of failure.

This involved correctly placing 6 single square roulette gets in a row, and 6 out of 6 wins. This was with witnesses including casino staff who were basically shocked.

I mention the theory to anyone I meet who might be interested including one nobel prize winner. So far nobody has performed any detailed study.

When my business has grown to the point of lots of free cash this is one of the things I will study using FMRI and bio feedback. There effect has already been noticed with FMRI but no explanation devised that explains it. My (and your btw theory explains it.

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