Easer & faster self-cleaner pots

By: keyvanaghvami | 5-Dec-2018 | 10:15 pm | Mail idea | Print idea | RSS

This idea is about of use from Mixturing of particles (in nano or micro dimensions) & or parts in making of trunk and surfaces (wall & floor) of cookers (bakers) tools / cooking vessels (with monotonous scattering) as fryer & pan & frying pan & pot & Dish (food). That must be use from1 or some or all of different kinds of 1) piezoelectric composites or 2) Shape memory alloys or 3) self-cleaning materials or 4) Shape memory alloys + piezoelectric composites or 5) Shape memory alloys + piezoelectric composites + self-cleaning materials or 6) Shape memory alloys + self-cleaning materials or 7) piezoelectric composites + self-cleaning plus materials of Teflon & or stainless steel & or ceramic & or Pyrex & or unbreakable glass.
benefits (targets / causes) of use from this idea , is more speed & more ease in cleaning of pot & others mentioned with to place of them under & or inside of 1) hot water & or 2) hot water & then cold water, by help of dish washing liquid (washing-up liquid) & kitchen cleaner pad (pad scotch / metal scourer with sponge / steel wool) & presumably by to fillips (to tap) on the exterior & interior of wall & floor & door of the pots & others for faster & easer cleaning of them.

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