Innovative uses for khatams (handicraft) in cosmetics & fashion & jewelry industries

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This idea in 1st application is use from 35 Models Designs of khatams (inlays) in 2 Forms khatams (inlays) text & khatams (inlays) Margin in making of khatams (inlays) nails & also print of designs of them on the artificial nails design less / label less (produced By Cosmetic Companies) alone & also plus of available Designs in Markets (combinatorial designs). Of course can be use from ready khatams (inlays) exist in market by cut & finishing of them in Form & Dimensions of artificial nails.
Form & Dimensions of Khatams (inlays) as nail made must be corresponding to form & Dimensions of artificial nails particularly Diameters of those. Diameters of khatams (inlays) must be from /0.039 inches /1 mm (min) to /0.118 inches /3 mm (max).
In 2th application khatams (inlays) have uses to form of temporary & or permanent tattoo and or to form of the tag on the body & Cheeks and lips (lipstick & (As lip tattoo permanent makeup) and on the ear lobe & stead of Eye Line (Line eyes) and Eye shadow & eyebrows (makeup). khatams (inlays) is one of the handicrafts and visual arts and decorative arts.
designs made from to arrange of triangles inside of each other's ingenerated 35 models of khatams (inlays) the in following:1) wire chains 2)blade of 16 teeth 3) chains wired Shamsa dar 4)vaulted 20 5)throat green 6)finned Shamsa dar 7) Margin lozenge 8)margin arched 9)margin save 10)Rim wired 11)margin Shamsa dar 12)world gold 13)cloudy 14)half-edging 15)clumped 16)5 Pad 17)6 Pad 1 throat 19)design of khatams (inlays) of text 6 layered 20)Blade-like seal 21)Seal of the blade 22)9 clay layer 23)6 & Luz 24)Clear Simple 25)a distant cloud 26)cloud 2 rounds 27)Studs text color green 28)barely wire 29)paisley 30) street 31) Linear Seal 32) Seal vaulted 33) World Qummi 34) Wedding Khyaqy 35) Khatmk text Sling Bow.
In 3th application khatams (inlays) have uses in fashion designing On the Various pieces of clothes as The shirt hem & The hem pant & Tail a leg pant (Foot trouser) & trouser waist & Crotch pant & Shirt pocket & Shirt Wrist & Shirt cuff / Trouser cuff / Cuff / Wristband (Cuff Sleeve) & Button cuff / Cufflink & sport clothe & Clothing button & bow ties & neckerchief & ties & scarf & Ascot & Handkerchief & shawl & wraparound & belt & Rim (Spectacle frame) & shoe & cap & bag & Umbrella & Glove & sock & sandal & pant & Short & britches & undergarment & corset (sutians) & corset cover & Shirt & vest & watchband & Waist scarf in different kinds of manly & womanly & Childish & girly & Boys alone & plus of available Designs in Market (as lines art in various languages & designs of nature & wildlife & favorites) & Furthermore in this idea can be use from the colors & designs of woods used in inlay (figured woods) in format of background for 35 models of khatams (inlays) designs.
And in 4th application khatams (inlays) have uses in jewelry industry in output of different types of golden & silvery & platinum of set of ornaments brooches as on the case of rings and as rims on them ring, necklace, earring & bracelet that may be mixed with Precious stones & semi - Precious stones.
Note: High quality of khatams (inlays) has much relation to these finely designs namely whatever designs be Tiniest is Costlier and kind is very high quality.
Of course can be use from khatams (inlays) in 1 millimeter diagonal (equivalent of 0.0393707 inch) for making of tooth veneer lieu and or along with golden veneer.
same that used from doubled skein of 3 ply / plywood in making of network doubled skein (pursuant of picture 4) in inlay of wood workrooms for making big tableau (30*40 or 40*40 centimeter or senior) in this idea can be use from both slice of khatams (inlays) with rectangular form rather infrequency prolix by form of doubled skein for making of Earrings. Of course based on patterns & standards exists & used in jewelers workrooms for making golden earrings and golden veneer.
That up index of these earrings is in form of plus symbol (+) that in any one of 4 sites created of a & b & c & d must be placed a golden catena’s. That can be contact with real jewels and or imitative (spurious) jewels.
In 5th application can be use from printing of khatams (inlays) designs on products under the following which is included, as well as applications attached that can be use include products A) Dishes and B) Ceramic 4 1) Chinese Porcelain without glaze (from kaolin, quartz, feldspar) & 2) china / Chinese glazed & 3) glass Chinese and 4) Chinese tiles / china tiles / tiles that Chinese are divided into two categories: 1) real Chinese (hard Chinese) & 2) imitation Chinese that real Chinese are divided into three types: 1) delicate porcelain 2) silica Chinese & 3) China Aluminum Bearing
/ porcelain that imitation Chinese porcelain, which was made into two categories: 1) normal crockery & 2) delicate crockery & also on & C) textiles prepared from a) natural fibers which include are divided 1) cotton 2) silk 3) Linen 4) hemp, & b) synthetic fibers from natural fibers into four categories: 1) nitrocellulose fibers 2) cellulosic fibers aluminum - copper 3) viscose fibers & 4) cellulose acetate fibers & c) synthetic fibers derived from synthetic raw materials d) glass fibers (& fiberglass) and e) asbestos fibers *) as, instead using of the color background in the art lines as nastaliq line can be use from khatams (inlays) designs on t Shirt & D) on the leather, which leather is divided into the following types: 1) Side – box. 2) Embossed side box. 3) Dull – box. 4) Water proof. 5) Side russet leather. 6) Elk leather. 7) Hunting calf. Split calf. 9) Side nubuck. 10) Box calf. 11) Calf suede, calf nubuck. 12) Goat leathers. 13) Pigskin leathers. 14) Horse leathers. 15) Patent leather. 16) Exotic leathers. 17) Lining leathers. 1 Lining goat leathers. 19) Lining pigskin leathers. 20) Lining split leathers. 21) Vegetable tanned side leathers. And can be use E) on the wood / wood plastics products & as MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) & Hardboard (high-density fiberboard (HDF)) & Fiberboard & Particle board (particleboard (chipboard) & Oriented strand board (OSB) & Plywood & Solid wood & on the various types of coatings & F) on the various types of wallpaper and wall coverings (such as colors of Rvmalyn & Belka and Knytks) & G) on the plastic & rubber products, (Household plastic products). Of course can be use from khatams (inlays) designs in combination with current designs exists in market.
Khatams (inlays) are making in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Golpayegan.
More info about of khatams (inlays) & others said are attached. authentic selected Shops and shopping malls of handicrafts in Isfahan state (Iran) Electronic market for handicrafts Iran's guilds - Secretariat excellent staff supervision of labor organizations
Search of "handicrafts Shops" & "khatam Kari Shops" & "khatam Kari internet shopping" in Farsi Google. Office guild of khatam maker & khatam seller – crossroads of moshir, sheibani alley – tell: 2249830 – Fars province - Shiraz - code: 0711 – Iran.

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